Donate a little, make a big difference

Did you know you can reduce your tax and support Everybody Eats by asking your employer to make a regular donation from your pay, on your behalf, to Everybody Eats?

It’s simple to set up, no amount is too small, and you will be making a huge difference to improve food security, reduce food waste, and unite our communities around the dinner table.

For every dollar you donate you get 33.33 cents back as a tax credit, reducing the amount of PAYE you pay.

As long as your employee is eligible (they file payroll with IRD electronically) then it should be simple to set up:

- Does your employer already offer this? Approach them with the following information:

Recipient Organisation - Everybody Eats Charitable Trust

Recipient Bank Account - 38-9020-0272020-00

Amount of Donation - You decide

Frequency of Donation - You decide

- Is your employer eligible but doesn't offer this? Ask them if they will consider providing this vital service for you and your colleagues.

- Need help? If you'd like help with this, or would like to support Everybody Eats directly through donation, volunteer services, or dining at our koha restaurants then get in touch on

Make a difference today, where a little goes a long way.

For more info, go to

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