Give the gift of warm fuzzies.


For many Kiwis, a good meal is something they can only wish for. You can help change that with as little as $10, by giving your friends, whānau, team or clients a donation to Everybody Eats.

With every $10 we give a nutritious, 3-course meal to a Kiwi in need. They might be experiencing homelessness, struggling with the cost-of-living crisis or be a single parent trying to feed their kids.

Everybody Eats is a registered charity and therefore your donation is tax deductible.

How it works


Make a donation using the form below to Everybody Eats on behalf of someone special.


We’ll send you the gift card(s) with your personalised message. You can then print or send on by email.


You feel good, they feel good, those in need feel good.