Introducing the Goodie Box and new Goodie Bowl! A new way to tackle food waste, food poverty and social isolation in New Zealand.

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Watch Al Brown introducing the Goodie Box

New research reveals that 87% of Kiwis would like to be offered a doggy bag, but only 5% of us, when actually faced with a half-eaten meal, have ever been brave enough to ask. With the Goodie Box and Goodie Bowl we aim to change that! By encouraging both restaurants and diners to offer and ask for their leftovers, we reduce restaurant food waste and respect the chefs and farmers that have worked incredibly hard to get it onto the plate. When using the Goodie Box and Goodie Bowl, diners can choose to make an optional donation to Everybody Eats, helping us on our mission to reduce food waste, food poverty and social isolation in New Zealand. We're proud to be working with Al Brown, Decent Packaging and DDB on this exciting project. For more information -

Big thanks to our partners and sponsors who have helped make Goodie Box and Goodie Bowl possible

Al Brown

Al is one of NZ's best known chefs; famous for honest cooking that's full of flavour. He works with the best farmers and producers, so can't stand this precious food going to waste!


An innovative packaging company, striving to revolutionise the industry by leading the way with commitment to product stewardship, sustainability and incredible customer service.


DDB is a full-service advertising agency that love to create unexpected, world class creative ideas that really work. In our case, helping to feed thousands of hungry Kiwis.