Food Waste: An Overlooked Issue

This photojournalism article was created by Jacqueline Tsang, one of our youngest volunteers. Jacqueline chose Everybody Eats as her subject in a photojournalism submission about environmental issues for a school project.

Although not often considered a vital topic, food waste is an ongoing concern. Last year, New Zealanders accumulated over $3 billion dollars in wasted food each year, which accounts for approximately 13% of the average household spend. (Kantar)

However, a humble restaurant is hoping to turn the problem around. Everybody Eats’ primary goal is to eliminate food waste and support the local community – they turn deliveries of rejected or excess products (that are otherwise perfectly fine) from a variety of businesses and create a stunning three- course menu to serve to anyone and everyone who walks through their doors.

Words and images by Jacqueline Tsang on behalf of Young Reporters for the Environment.

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